Lost In Thought - Coloured Pastel Portrait Drawing Process

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Hi all, sharing another recent coloured pastel portrait however, for this piece I only used brown and white pastel with (a little bit of black from pencil). I was drawn to the reference image by the way it captured the expression in the eyes with just a few strokes of the pastel and I wanted to practice recreating this in my work.



Reference used for drawing

My Process



Completed on A5 paper with mechanical pencil for sketching and pastels for colour.

Thanks for stopping by and your support is always appreciated :)


 3 months ago 

Hello friend, beautiful portrait, as always a great entry. Greetings!

Hola @iansart esta muy hermoso tu trabajo y realmente la expresión de la mirada cautiva.


Muchas gracias @avibauza :)

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Excellent work!

Thanks :)