It's been a month since our city has sewage work

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It's been a month since our city has sewage work
These photos are from a month ago when sewage work was just beginning.
We have sewage work in your area.
You can see sewage pipes are digging cranes and putting pipes in.
You can see how the crane engraves and after digging it then lifts the pipe through its accelerator and inserts it inside.


You can see how with the crane the pipe is tied to an iron chain and then the crane lifts it up and applies this pipe to the excavated site.
The sewerage work in our area is getting better as there was no water supply in our area so we demanded from the government of Pakistan that we need sewerage.
The government listened to us and the government launched our project.


You can see that the crane puts the pipe inside and a man stands on a level machine to see whether the pipe is mounted up or down, because it is very important.
It drains water well



According to the Bible, The Story of Gideon: On Making Choices and the Second Coming.

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