Portrait drawing a male face - Original Artwork - Steem exclusive.

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This portrait was done to be posted in the steemit platform, I wanted to draw a male face since I like to draw adult male faces, I feel that they transmit all the knowledge they may have, these drawings are without a reference image, I create them from nothing to also help me improve anatomy techniques since my hand feels the naturalness of what is creating and creating a muscle memory in the creation of drawings of faces and bodies to get used to doing it without any reference, these exercises are very good once I have already created a base in the study of the shapes of the face or what is it you want to draw.

Wisdom of the white beard


guide lines to know in which direction it will be facing and where I will put the eyes and each of the features of the face, it also helps me even to mentally see how much light will be hitting the face.


At this point, I already know what this man's nose will be like and what his eyes will be like too, from the beginning I knew he would have a beard, that is why it does not have much work towards the cheeks, maybe I draw something of myself in these types of portraits since most of the time, I draw them with abundant beards and I have quite a beard too.


Here I already have the entire structure of the face created, with the guide lines of where the shadows will go and how is the expression of his face, it turns out that he has a slightly rude and somewhat reprehensible look, he knows many things.


Vertical hatching to fill in the parts where the shades will be and more details of the faces, it helps a lot when it comes to blurring the shadows.


Finished drawing of this man, I hope you like it as much as I liked doing it and teach you more about how I do it when I have no reference from which to guide me. Thanks for the support


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Hi, amazing portrait. Thanks for sharing! 😄

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