Three colors of roses in one post and in one pot

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A social media circulation today is the blogchain, this is my search on the internet and I continue to be open to all information about the latest news about blogchain.
This is what makes a sensational for the blggers write all over the world, especially those who like photography, I mentioned this because here there must be an original photo of the shots themselves.
Like me, and I am one of the hundreds of people here who love making original content and accompanied by writing about the pictures we take of course.
And on this occasion I took some photos of roses with three different colors, this my friends can see below and all the pictures are very permanent my own and hundreds of stanzas of my story poured out here.


One of my main pictures is a picture of a rose whose color is dark red and this is what I catch with the macro lens that I have,
The shape of the image above is slightly tilted and this is one way to give birth to a picture that is better than my average shot,
In the picture above I can also explain that the capture does not turn on the back light of my camera, this is because the process of taking it in the afternoon.
If you take it in the afternoon, you don't need a lamp, because there is earth light / sunlight that still shines.


In the picture available from me is a pink rose leaf or often called a ping color (in today's language).
And I can also explain that taking photos on this occasion when the rain stopped, and in the current rainy season again.
This rainy season can bring grace too and the results of the photopun are very good with water splashes like morning dew, and this is also evident from the results of the photo I got today.


The photo above is a kind of dark red rose, and this shot is slightly different from the first picture I posted on this.
The difference from my picture is clearly visible and can be seen again from my first picture, and in this shot a little with the object of interest.
And I can also explain that this capture does not use a back camera light and this is evidenced by the birth of the image by catching only relying on sunlight.








Some pictures that I didn't explain one by one and all of them are not the same and on this occasion I proved myself with some good pictures,
And in this case I can also explain that I took all these pictures after the rain
This information can be proven by the raindrops in all my flowers / in all my pictures in this post.
I really enjoy this panorama with the beauty of flowers born on the surface of today's publication.
In a perfection this is very good and very interesting for us to follow and very good in terms of making a short album in the form of a mini article.
I myself really enjoy writing as well as possible in each of my own posts and this is clearly seen in all my previous posts.

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