The clouds are sometimes black, sometimes white, but they are always beautiful.

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After a heavy rain the sky became a little still. The rain will start again. I wanted to take pictures from the balcony of my house before it started to rain. Today I wanted to focus on the clouds. I was able to take a few photos that I liked. I think the best of these photos is the one I captured right after a plane took off. I was able to quickly catch the plane before it left the photo frame. :) I think the black clouds will not go over the city for 1 more days. The weather shows this. I will continue to take pictures every day when I come home or pull out. I love this. Perhaps years later, when I open my archive and look at the photos I took, I will relive that moment. I wanted to share my photos in this beautiful community.








You are free to use photos. Life is good when you share something. Selfish people who do not like to share will never be able to enjoy this life.



Thank you @okay1 :)

Hermosos colores del cielo

Thank you :)

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