Late autumn & pandemic musings 🍂🍁

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We have had some Covid cases in our village and the primary school closed my children’s class “bubbles” for a few days (whilst everyone flapped). We are now a week away from (semi) lockdown being lifted, so that we can all rush to the shops to get ready for Christmas 🎄Except that I’m not feeling remotely festive. With little children in our household, we will have to conjure up the magic! I hear you can meet Father Christmas via zoom this year 🎅🏼


We had hoped for a quiet getaway to Brighton after Christmas for a few days, which is by the (cold) sea and fairly cosmopolitan. However, with the announcement that all tiers of lockdown will be lifted over Christmas, I fear a pandemonium on the train! No doubt a third lockdown will follow before we get that Covid jab in our arm 😷


I shall gladly queue up for the jab, though I like the sound of the 90% effective Pfizer one more than the 70% effective Oxford one. I suspect I shall not be given a choice 💭


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 11 months ago 

It is nice to see you around again. I hope during Covid time you and your family stayed healthy and safe. The time approaching to Christmas so we will see what happens. People probably will visit their relatives despite of lock down. It is going on for such a long time and people are tired from all of it. We are this time in Scotland and will not travel as usually we do :)

Hi @stef1, hopefully we will all get vaccinated soon and then it will be safe to meet up with families. Take care 😊