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I don't know why, but I feel as I this week is lasting longer than usual... Perhaps it's the fact that I keep going to bed late and I wake up almost destroyed... Well, we'll never find out! 🤣

I woke up at 8am, after going to bed at 2am more or less, pretty bad idea. I prepared some breakfast, which was coffee and some warm oatmeal with apple and cinnamon! I had to eat pretty fast, since I had a meeting at 9am. It lasted more than it should have, but we had to talk through some things for 2021's budget. As this lockdown/pandemic thing doesn't seem to be over in a while, we don't know how it'd be the best way to come accross the budget... We still have some time, but all the planning takes a lot of time, so I believe it's something that we'll have to start working on in not long. At least, I'm happy that my workload is decreasing a bit!!

I love you, coffee, don't ever leave me

When we were over, it was almost midday so I took a while to cook some meat and steamed vegetables for lunch. I need to get back to my eating plan, I need to get back to being as athletic I used to be 🤣. I went for a walk with my dog and then, back to work.

In the afternoon, as I had plenty of my stuff worked out, I could take a look at Steemit. I prepared my posts for yesterday's diary and uploaded my entry for the contest we're running in "Writing & Reviews" community. It's about movies or series that you've watched and you feel like writing a review about it! It's real fun and you get to know about some other films that you might enjoy. You can find my entry here!


I wrote it in English and Spanish, so please go and read it, it took me a while 🤣

I also posted the translation in Spanish for the third achievement of the Newcomer's program! I'll be helping the Greeters team with the verification of new minnows and guiding them through their development here! I find it real fun! I've also lurked for newcomers that weren't posting in that community and let them know about it, so that they also feel more welcome!

Here's achievement 3 in Spanish!

Once I was done, I felt really tired so all I did was take a shower, have some dinner and read for a while. I'm done with Dean Karnaze's book (Ultramarathon man: Confessions of an all-night runner) and now I can say that I've totally loved it. It's incredibly encouraging and motivational, I'm planning to write a review about it in not long, I've also saved some quotes from it that I really loved... of course, it's all running related, BUT MAN, NOW I FEEL I NEED TO RUN AN ULTRAMARATHON.

I've already run two marathons... but ultramarathons (races that are longer than 42K) were a no-no to me...


I was so motivated yesterday that I even tried to sign up for an ultramarathon that takes place in the Patagonia in November... the thing is that, by now, they still don't know if the race will take place due to the pandemic. It's a shame, really. But well, I really felt like taking up the challenge of training for a 70K race...

To run or not to run an ultramarathon... that's the question.

If you're looking for a writing community, join us in Writing & Reviews!

"Netflix" contest in here! Take a look!

Thank you for reading. Till tomorrow!

You can find my "This is me" post here!


@fendit, thank you for giving upvote for my post, nice to meet you, I hope we can help each other here

Sure! That's why we're here, to help each other and interact!
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Qué genial que corras maratones! Y que se vaya a hacer una en la Patagonia!! Ya debes conocer, sino, ojalá puedas ir. Es hermoso!! Pueda ser que para Noviembre ya permitan aunque sea ese tipo de actividades!!


Esperemos que si, que al menos este todo un poco mas normal! Pero por ahora tengo mis serias dudas que haya alguna carrera... tristeza nao tem fim jajjaja


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