Today's My Birthday 🎂 #club100

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Hi Steemians 🐣

Today is my birthday. I will share with you my previous birthday celebration. I like to celebrate my birthday with my loved ones, but on that birthday my family was away and my friends were on vacation. It's sad to be alone on my birthday if I don't have an idea to create happiness. That's why I chose happiness and took action 🌸


The best gift I gave myself on my birthday was to fill that day with unforgettable memories. Let's start then 💃🏻

I was in a wonderful city and I decided to celebrate my birthday with this beautiful city of Prague. I decided to celebrate my birthday over and over again by visiting Prague's iconic buildings and famous places.



I bought candles and cake, which are the most basic things I need 🎂 First I went to Letna, my favorite scenic park in Prague. I made a wish before blowing out the candle. For years, I always kept my wish inside, but this time I decided to say it out loud. I recorded myself on camera saying my wish. So at each candle, I blew out, I made a different wish and recorded them all 💕


Letná Park


Old Town Square

While I was lighting candles, there were people around me celebrating my birthday. Some of them said they could take my photos. Some of them hugged me and congratulated me on my birthday. All this was very meaningful and happy for me 🥰


Astronomical Clock


Prague Metronome

It was windy so I struggled a bit to light the candle and maintain its flame 😅 I bought a few cakes and shared them with the homeless, the people around me and the birds. I ate one too, it was delicious. Of course, one of the reasons why it tastes so good is that I don't feel happy 👌


Lennon Wall


Prague Castle view

On this occasion, I am giving you a tour of Prague 😄 I sent a postcard to my family. This postcard came as a complete surprise to my family because I hadn't told them I was sending it. This is the photo of my postcard before it set off on a journey of about 1 month 😂


Charles Bridge


Postcard to My Family

I'm lucky that there are so many places to visit. Therefore, my day was full and enjoyable 🙃 As it started to get dark, the candle took on an enchanting image. Every year I would make a wish and blow out a candle once, like a normal birthday girl 😃 On this birthday, I made a new wish for every new candle. I made so many wishes that I even thought for a moment that there was nothing left to wish for 🤪


Charles Bridge


Church of St. Salvator

I continued to celebrate into the night. At the end of the day, I was quite tired but also very happy. I had a unique video full of wishes, wonderful Prague views, my efforts to light a candle, and my laughter. That's what I call a gift. Maybe you will like this idea and you will make it for yourself too 😍


Dancing House


Old Town Bridge Tower

Every year I look forward to a surprise for my birthday, like a princess, I became the creator of the surprise that year, which is a great feeling. I always try to choose happiness in my life. Like waiting for happiness, sometimes we have to pull it out ❤️

I hope you all enjoyed reading my post ✨
Thank you 🤗


Happy birthday enveng. It's my birthday today as well 😃

 2 years ago 

Happy birthday!

Thank you 😃

Thank you so much Huzaifa 🤗 Happy birthday 🎉

Happy Birthday dear @enveng.
I wish you health, success and joy in life. And that all your wishes come true.

Hello @germansailor, thanks a lot for your good wishes 🥰🌺

Happy birthday, @enveng! 🥳🥂🎊
What a great idea to celebrate a birthday when you are alone! You deffinitely have amazing and unforgettable memories of that day!
I wish you today to be also an unforgettable day, filled with infinitely many pleasant emotions and wonderful moments!
P.S. My birthday is also in a few days and I am already very excited 😊
Cheers 🥂

Wow, great! another Gemini😀 I'm glad you like my idea😊 As you said, I have unforgettable memories. Thank you so much for your wonderful wish 💕 Happy birthday in advance 🤗 Excitement is a wonderful feeling, I believe that this excitement will turn into happiness, joy and peace 🥂

Thank you very much for the kind words and wishes, dear another Gemini! 💖
Hope your day was great! 😊

Damn! Sorry i missed it. Happy birthday! Here are some random articles/events on which happened on that so special day :)

05-22 Bessemer Herald 22May1909.jpg
Bessemer Herald 22May1909

05-22 Bessemer Herald 22May1909-2.jpg
Bessemer Herald 22May1909

05-22 Bessemer Herald 22May1909-3.jpg
Bessemer Herald 22May1909

05-22 Lewiston Morning tribune 22May1935.jpg
Lewiston Morning tribune 22May1935

Thank you so much dear @herverisson 🥰 I will read the news in detail. I love coincidences, so maybe the news of May 22 will inspire me 🤗🌸

Happy birthday 🎈🎂👏😊 @enveng.
I hope you are always healthy there

Thank you very much for your good wishes 🤗🌸

That was the best you could do with the situation. When you have a birthday while travelling and your friends are far away, it can be a bit sad.

Happy Birthday and best wishes for your new year (If you still find new wishes 😉) 🍀

Hi, thank you so much 🤗🌸 I realized that wishes are endless 😄

Doğum günün kutlu olsun🥰 hep güldüğün, bol bol seyahat edebildiğin sağlıklı ve huzurlu bir yılın olur umarım🤗 Doğum gününü yalnızken de çok güzel bir şekilde kutlamışsın çok tatlı bir kutlama olmuş🤗

Çok teşekkür ederim🥰 harika dileğin için çok teşekkür ederim, umarım gerçekleşir 💕

Feliz cumpleaños querida

Espero que el deseo que has pedido se haga realidad muy pronto.

Que sigas cumpliendo muchos años mas de salud y prosperidad. Un abrazo fuerte.

Thank you so much for your good wishes my friend 🤗 🌼

 2 years ago 

We hope you have a great day

Big Birthday Hugs from us to YOU 🎂

Thank you so much 🥰 Hugs 🤗🌸

Congrats and best wishes from Berlin!

Hi, thank you very much 😊🌼

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