Winner Announcement: Funny Photo's Contest on Steemit [WEEK LV (55)] Winner Post ( 10 Steem Price Pool, Plus Additional 2-6 Steem to Bonus Selection/Honorable Mention)

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Dear Steemians,

Winner Winner Winner! Week Fifty-Five is another dimension of funny photos contest on Steemit. When a competition happened, there has to be a winner to appreciate their efforts/contribution, only few enter participants for the last week, but we glad to announce the winner and runner up for the week 55.

As promised from the contest post that a price of 10 Steem will be share to the three winner's and 1-5 Steem for the bonus/Honourable mentioned; below is the breakdown of the prices

Winner 1 will get -5 Steem

Winner 2: Will get 3 Steem

Winner 3: will get 2 Steem

Will would like to appreciate those Winners and to encourage others to do more, there is rewards for everything doing well and good!

Below is the list of the Winner's for the Week 55 of the funny Photos Contest on Steemit:

Winner 1: (5 Steem)



Winner 2: (3 Steem)


Winner 3: (2 Steem)


Bonus Selection for the week 55 of the funny Photos Contest on Steemit:





I want to thank each and everyone who participated in this concluded funny photos contest, your contribution was highly appreciated and welcomed but winner has to be emerged.

Watch out for the next competition; coming up on Thursday, till then have a blessed day/night

Special thanks to the following Steemians;

for their immense support towards the success of the contest, more blessing.

To All Participants:

Don't give up, try your best in the next competition coming up soon, Steem will be transfer to the above mentioned winners

Thanks so much for the support towards the contest, really greatful, More blessing.




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 11 months ago 

Proof of the prices sent to the winners/honour mentioned.


Thank you @davidad for the reward

 11 months ago 

You are welcome!!!

Thanks @davidad reward received

 11 months ago 

You are welcome!!🙂

Thank you Snr. @davidad

 11 months ago 

You are welcome!🙂

Congratulations to all the winners, hopefully the enthusiasm will increase in participating in the contest

 11 months ago 


Thank you @davidad for this contest and the reward

 11 months ago 


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