Contest Winners Announcement: Funny Photo's Contest on Steemit Week X (13 STEEM TO BE SHARE TO SELECTED BEST AUTHOR'S)

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Dear Steemians,

Winners! Winner!! Winner!!! When a competition happened, there has to be a winner to appreciate their contribution, as early said in the contest post that 12 Steem await the three winners and 2-4 Steem to best selection in the contest organized by me @Davidad and power by @xpilar and @Sultan-Aceh here on world of xpilar, So 2-4 Steem suppose to be given to our bonus selections but its unfortunately that few submission came this week. Therefore our bonus selection will be one (1)

This week again comes with great additional 1 Steem that will be send to one (1) author as our bonus selections in this week X of the funny contest to appreciated his efforts.

I am glad to announce the winner, the runner up and one (1) bonus selection in this concluded funny photos contest for this week X, the following authors will share the prize as follows.

12 STEEM TO BE SHARE TO THREE WINNER'S of the Week X of Funny Photos Contest:

1st Position - 5 Steem

2nd Position - 4 Steem

3RD Position - 3 Steem

BONUS SELECTION TO AUTHORS: 1 STEEM because we only have few submission.

  • 1 Steem to Bonus Selection 1:

Below is the list of selected winner's

1st Winner:


Winner 2:



Winner 3:



Bonus Selections as follows:

Bonus Selection 1: which is to receive 1 Steem




I want to thank each and everyone who participated in this concluded funny photos contest, your contribution was highly appreciated and welcomed but winner has to be emerged.

Watch out for the next competition; coming up on Wednesday, till then have a blessed day/night

Special thanks to the following Steemians;


for their immense support towards the success of the contest, more blessing.

To All Participants:

Don't give up, try your best in the next competition coming up soon, Steem will be transfer to the above mentioned winners

Thanks so much for the support towards the contest, really greatful, More blessing.






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Gracias por el reconocimiento @davidad, este concurso nos hace sacarnos una sonrrisa, cosa que es muy importante en los tiempos que corren. Saludos

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Glad to hear that...thank you..

 last month 

The contest is closed already...

oh too bad, i was late. can I participate for the next one with this publication?

 last month 

Maybe... But will be good if u could get new one....

Join on Wednesday...

Muchas gracias y enhorabuena a todos los ganadores.
Tenemos que seguir divirtiéndonos con este concurso.


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You are welcome!!!

congratulations to all

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 2 months ago 

Proof of the prices pool transfered to the winner's.


Thank you @davidad, the Steem is well received.

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You are welcome...