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greetings artists from this great community that is part of #steemit, I hope today has been a day full of creativity and good works and obviously good post, today I bring you another fantasy bird, a colorful bird and one of my favorites

well I have already shown different colorful birds and sizes all having something in common and that are not there, they are fantasy birds as their title indicate it, each with a different name, today I bring them to the superior cardinal, I wanted to give to understand how if it were an alpha male from the cardinals hahaha or if it was as in pokemon an evolution, on the base in the cardinal and in the tucan and the result is this and for the moments is one of my favorites of all the birds of fantasy that I have created so far, here I will leave you part of the creation process



and here ends today's post, I hope you like it as much as I do, soon more than I do

 3 months ago 

Wow this is really beautiful, I love the colour combination. Through the steps one could see the build up. I love it, nice work my friend.

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