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good afternoon friends of this excellent community full of art within #steemit today I wanted to continue with more of my creatures of the void, today a being that lives between rage and depression

fury and depression is one of the many creatures of the void, this being gets its name from the double personality that it has in each half of its body which on the one hand is a being that moves frantically full of anger and rage and on the other it is almost an immobile being where it tries to protect itself in a fragile way and always with its head pointing towards the ground, that is why this being receives its name

here the process


and until here today's horror post, I hope you like it soon I will bring you much more of what I do, I wish you a good afternoon and night

 2 months ago 

Great drawing where it reflects a horrible beauty of what can be these terrible words that consume our body and mind.

To destroy that monster!


thanks soon more :)

 2 months ago 


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