CHATAHASH, pure hellish evil

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Greetings colleagues from #STEEMIT, today like almost every day I create something new with respect to illustrations although I also do other things but what I do more are drawings and here I create an image of the most feared being in hell same CHATANASH haha

This puppy is based on a cotton miniature that lives in my building of some neighbors, it thinks as if it were a demon because it is literally bad haha ​​but not bad to attack if not bad because it does not like to be disturbed, or made honey besides being very intelligent and knows how to make annoying haha, cute but evil puppy, so I took that idea and this is what you think

for the throne he wanted something demonic and upset a nightmare of wood and giant thorns that drip a black slime apart that employs occult sigils under his name and also the symbols of the elements of earth, air, water and fire

I will show you the process below



I hope you like this little dark being hahaha soon more illustrations of all kinds




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