CAIN & LILITH; the first vampires

in WORLD OF XPILARlast month

Greetings people of this community and all of my platform #STEEMIT platform in which we all make life, where we are part of this great hive, today I did some work but I did not know the order to publish so with my eyes closed I made a mixture of drawings and chose without seeing and the one I chose was this, the parents of the first vampires, Cain and Lilith
I wanted to make in this case a representation not so dark but at the same time showing that they were paranormal and dark beings but at the same time a couple so I made a presentation of a couple walking uneven but it is joined by some crimson halos representation of the blood they should drink, two beings condemned to wander for eternity, I made Cain pale and rustic, Lilith for her part is delicate and looks more like a sucubus that would actually be something like that apart from a slightly hidden data and that is if they put one at a standstill side of the other lilith would be higher, implying that it is something different from what cain would be and not only because of the wings and that it is floating

in the same way they are beings that feed on blood, immortals and the first vampires on earth then they created others


I hope you like it, soon more