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Hello everyone,
Today I am sharing #TileArt.

As discussed earlier, I always try to make best use of resources I have,as I say #Bestoutofwaste.

After getting my house ๐Ÿ  renovated,I had some Sample Tiles leftover,so I thought of giving them a new look.I made five different #HeartShapes on the Tiles.
Please take a look

Pic1::Dot Art
(Here tile is the base and Heart is made with Dot's of Acrylic Paint,you can feel these dots on touching)

Pic2::Quilling Art
(Heart is made with Quilling and pasted on Tile)

Pic3::Paper Cutting Art
(Heart is made with Colored Paper Cuttings and pasted on Tile)

Pic4:: Swarovski Art
(Swarovski is pasted on tile to make heart shape

Pic5:: Thread Art
(Heart along with "Love" is made with Thread. I just love this one).

Hope you like them. All your queries are welcome. Please be free to message them.

Thanks for Visiting my Blog ๐Ÿ˜Š.

I want to thank
& The entire Steem community for your love and support ๐Ÿ™.


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Now you have done everything right with the publication. Everything is reflected as it should be.
It is important to start your post with the blue "POST" button on the community page.
And if you will, not a great advice on design. At the end of the post, you mention a lot of nicknames including curators. It so happened that this is not always welcomed, and it does not help in attracting curators to the post. Many do this. Imagine yourself as one of these curators. The message feed is full of these messages. How will you react to them? :))

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Thanks for the advice sir. I will work on it.

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gracias por apreciar mis obras de arte