Crafter's Camp of Colours Part 2

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Hi friends,
As discussed earlier, I take #Art & #Craft #Classes for #kids and this is some more sweet memories of my #SummerCamp.

I am really missing my young Crafter's alot.
Will like to share some more pics, please take a look::

The #Quilling Area



The #Craft Area with #Fevicryl Shilpkar
Elephant 🐘 Designing::

#Textile Designing

#Bookmark Making::

Playing with Pieces of #Paper::

#Tie & #Dye on Tshirts::
Hope you like it)

Well that's all for today,will share more pics soon, please be connected.

This is the link for the summer camp part 1:

Thanks for your love and support 🙏.


Such beautiful work and it is nice to see happy children :)

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Thank you so much @stef1.
Really children loved the art sessions,they too were feeling low on the last day as there fun time was ending.
I think something should be done to connect art with the main educational streams.
Thank I am glad you like it

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