Cool Street Art in Russia !

in WORLD OF XPILAR2 months ago


I visited relatives recently and on my way back, I took some pictures around.


I crossed under that bridge where the river is passing !


And I found street art on a wall there. it seems drawn in 2001.


I don't really understand what's written there, but in that one it seems like the word SARS. Ah, I just noticed that's new one made in 2021, and it's maybe for sure SARS. Interesting to see the name of the virus there !


This one seems ''BOOW''. A cool one, by the way. ☺


That's seems ''One wave'' in blue and the orange one is ''Black''. Interesting ones, by the way. Maybe they mean the waves of the pandemic, who knows. I don't know that's in mind of those who draw that. Interesting that they drew that in 2019, almost when everything started !


I wish I understand that one. Seems Chinese for me.


I don't understand that as well. The first word seems Russian for me and the second in not clear.


This one also looks a bit like ''Sars''. It's interesting what they meant by FTP.


That one seems ''WORK''. It's interesting how they choose those words. Maybe randomly. ☺


And the last one, seems like ''SENOK'' or something like that. Maybe just random letters.

It's really awesome when we consume the art we don't understand that much.

I just like to see that in the street. It gives me some sense of freedom.

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