Golden Hour - California Sunsets

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"Every sunset is a journey, a journey to
remember the memories of the past!"
~ Mehmet Murat Ildan ~

April 16th gave us a hazy
Golden Hour looking out towards Malibu
from Santa Monica, California




Ricoh GR III

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This is one of your best recent and the Seagulls lining up that that with the sail boat just chill'n!!!

Yes it was remarkable watching that develope and the Sailboat was just chance. Thanks man!

Well knowing you dont really work! And just hand at the beach, I expect nothing less 0-)

You managed to capture little boat at horizon, looks like it is going to disappear in a moment behind it. Love the waves with reflection of light. You are right, every sunset is unique :)

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Thanks you as always for your curation support and steem support.

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@art-venture, no need for apology and thank you for your curation support and support for all things Steem!

So peaceful. Resteemed :-)

Yes it was a much needed peaceful sunset. Thank you!

Very softly beautiful!

Thank you!

wow, the view at twilight is very beautiful, feels cool, the photography is very good my friend @armentor

Thanks. It was a perfect twilight!

Thank you :)

Sunset are always beautiful, it gives the sky a whole new look.. nice picture

Thank you!