Golden Hour - California Sunsets

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This Friday starting off the Valintine's Weekend.
February 12th from Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California




Ricoh GR III

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Now these are different! That tide is so low you can probably ride bikes on it... Nice add with the Venice Beach Sign... Is that on Windward?

You have a good eye young one! There were actually those electric wide tire bikes flying up and down the beach. Yes that is the famous Windward Ave in VB.

I have the better eye! I miss VB and the craziness.

Scenes that show the greatness of the Creator, excellent pictures, my friend, I thought you have been in this field for a long time

Thank you. I have been fortunate to leave by the sea for a very long time whice affords the opportunity to experiance such greatness!

Its very beautiful @armentor
It has the color of hues of pink for my view :)

Yes, it was a much different sunset with those pastel colors.