Golden Hour - California Sunsets

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Sunday blessed us with a classic Southern California Golden Hour!
Taken February 21st from
Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California


Looking out towards Malibu


Ricoh GR III

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 5 months ago 

Thank you for this beautiful seascape photos, that is real golden hour.

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Yes, a true, although a tad chilly Golden Hour!

Thanks again for the support :)

I wish my posts also get appreciation from booming support as I post original content for world of xpilar too.

Thank you :)

My pleasure 🙂 and thank you!

There's so much going on in the first shot... awesome how you captured that couple right under the Sun and the dude hanging out by the Lifeguard tower!

You know me with my OCD... I tend to get distracted wtih those details :)

I see the various randoms out there... so many since covid. At least you can get some great shots!!!

So right on that. The randoms, the locals and the homeless. Great accessories in my photos for sure!

Hopefully we'll find some randoms tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow.. Racer 5!

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Nice. You got a resteem.

Thank you!

Welcome :-)

Stunning view over that great shot @armentor I wished that I am at the same place where you live :D

Thank you my friend! Its been some amazing golden hours this past days.

Very beautiful seascape 🥰

Thank you! I'm very fortunate to live near the sea.

MashaAllah 😇

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Thanks for the information!

Great detail in the silhouettes of the people beneath the sun. I missed it the first look, but it really 'makes' the photo.

Good eye! Thank you :)