Spud4Steem Acceptance of Prize

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Assalamu Alaikum. The spud4steem contest was held on the steemit platform on November 1st. It was very enjoyable to participate in this competition. Thanks, @toufiq777 for inviting me. I am also thankful and grateful to @kiwiscanfly for organizing this contest.

I got 2nd place by powering up 536.618 steem on November 1st. In this month 4 candidates from Bangladesh have got 4 places. Congratulations to all of them.

Today I am expressing my desire to receive the 3500 sp reward through this post.
Again thanks to @kiwiscanfly for hosting this contest.


Thanks vie

well done on 2nd place
good Job @toufiq777 for inviting lots of people to join, it shows in which country dominated the winners list :)


hey i just delegated you 500sp for coming 2nd in #spud4steem for the next three weeks.


Thanks a lot


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