PancakeSwap 🥞: A very particular decentralized platform.

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Yes! As it sounds, you did not read wrong, the name of this platform is the same as the tasty pancakes that we leave for breakfast, dinner or snacks 🥞


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PancakeSwap, What is it?

It is a decentralized platform, where you can carry out token exchanges, among other things, with the particularity that in PancakeSwap they are carried out within Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Remember that this kind of platforms complement the transactions that could occur with Binance or Ethereum tokens.

Another interesting fact is that the native token of this decentralized platform is called Cake.

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What benefits can you find in this decentralized platform?

Inverted tokens can be part of the PancakeSwap Pools.

Participating in Pools allows you to obtain returns.

For this, you cannot mobilize your cryptocurrencies for a while, this with the intention of doing what we know as Staking.

PancakeSwap has a lottery system, in which you can buy a lottery ticket for 10 CAKE, wait for their draws that take place every 6 hours.

In order to win or hit the lottery, you must match in order and in quantity with the 4 numbers that they will announce.

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Be very careful with scam pages.

It is important that you know that many of the transactions that we make in the future will be made thanks to the accounts that we have previously associated with our MetaMask account.

This tool enables or acts as an intermediary between some wallets and others, between some cryptocurrencies and others. Hence the importance of keeping our data safe, such as: the MetaMask seed phrase.

With that said, I will introduce you to a scam page masquerading as the official PancakeSawp page.

In appearance, it has similar aspects, but what it seeks is to extract your seed phrase and from there have access to all the cryptocurrencies that you have associated in your MetaMask account.


The address of the fraudulent page is as follows:

NOTE: the intention of sharing this link is that they DO NOT ENTER it.

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Then! What is the official page?

Here is the address of the official PancakeSwap page:


This is the appearance of the official page.

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I hope the information is useful to you.

Remember! If you walk into a place and ask for the seed keys or phrases, don't do it. It is surely a scam place.

Note: I have written a Spanish version of this topic.-

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