Nice Shots Of A Green Bottle Fly

in WORLD OF XPILAR2 years ago

My friend a photographer once said the most difficult thing to do when taking macro pictures of small animals is the front position.


The point is, when we shoot toward the face, we have difficulty so that the animal's eyes and mouth can be caught on camera clearly. But if we can do it, it will certainly be the perfect picture.


Yes, I agree with my friend's opinion. Because I have tried to take macro pictures several times by aiming at the animal's face, at best I can only take photos once, or several times but the results seem blurred. Because, if it wasn't for being disturbed by the wind, the animal's subject would move too much.


Well, maybe today I am more fortunate. I got a good picture of a green bottle fly with a focus on its face. You will clearly be able to see the fly's eye, like a fighter pilot's helmet.


I took these pictures behind my in-laws' house, it just so happened that no wind blew. So, my camera is more focused on shooting the eyes of the fly.


I hope you like the pictures of my shots. And I am very grateful that you are willing to visit my blog.


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