Garden is an annual plant of the petunia family (754 Days)

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My dear friends, I am again telling you about the flower of a plant. It is always a plant native to South America. There are 20 species found there and this plant is known as Petunia. It always grows in its own season. I had bought this plant from the nursery three years ago but now we sow petunia seeds in the February season. After sowing in a pot, they are given light water. When the plants start growing. So let's separate them. But flowers are continuously appearing on this plant. This plant blooms till the end of March and May. This plant initially germinates in 7 days. But the height of this plant ranges from 6 to 12 inches. Initially the plant should not have dry soil. Only then does this plant start growing well. This plant was found in France in 1803 AD. Now most of the plants can be seen in all the countries. A plant blooms 3 to 5 flowers every day. In which 25 to 50 flowers can bloom on the plant. In which the right plant requires light.

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