UNFORGETTABLE ITALY Week 27 ǀ Cappella Sistina

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Greetings to the Italy community! We are already in the 27th week of the Unforgettable Italy contest, and it is a pleasure for me to participate once again. I want to thank everyone who makes possible this initiative that allows us to share a photo that reminds us of Italy in any way. Especially to its host @girolamomarotta.

In every trip to the city of Rome a visit to the Vatican City is a must. On this occasion, I’ll share with you a photograph taken inside the Vatican Museums. I had already visited several places of interest in the main seat of the Catholic Church and it was time to continue to the Vatican Museums, which consists of a series of galleries of religious art accessible to the public. It is worth noting that its foundational base was the private collection of Julius II, who was elected pope in 1503. The complex is composed of several buildings with thematic rooms, gardens and a library.

During my stay there, I visited several of the museums that housed great works of art by renowned artists of diverse periods and styles. However, our main objective was to see the famous and difficult to access Sistine Chapel. After going through various confusing labyrinths made on purpose to protect the exact location of the chapel, we finally arrived at the place.

The chapel is very beautiful, all covered with Renaissance frescoes where "The Last Judgment" stands out on the north wall and the famous "The Creation of Adam" on the ceiling; both works were made by Michelangelo. I managed to photograph this artwork, and many people dared to take pictures despite the constant surveillance by security staff. This was undoubtedly a great experience, especially very enriching from a cultural point of view.

The picture is my property

Technical Details:

Camera: MAXCAM S-10
Resolution: 2736 x 3648
Focal Length: 17.1mm
Exposure time:0.125 s (1/8)
Aperture: f/5.2
ISO: 80


La Cappella Sistina is one of the most beautiful works in the world

That's right, its frescoes dazzle everyone who visits this amazing room.

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