The Diary Game 12/09/2021 - Apple Wallet Can Now Hold a Driver's License.

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I can only admire Apple for the early investment in the Apple Wallet and the ease with which you can store various loyalty cards, bank cards, vaccination certificate and more.

Few days ago, Apple announced that, in collaboration with the authorities from 8 American states, the citizens will be able to store in the Apple Wallet the driving license. It is the coolest thing so far because it is an official act, issued by the state, with all the legal power associated with it. Americans do not have Identity Card like us, and every state has different rules in this regard. For the most part, a driver's license is the equivalent of an ID.

Apple has announced that the TSA is the first organization to use these documents in digital format. TSA = those who check you in at the airport before a flight. This means that you can only get on the plane with your mobile phone in your hand, especially since in the same Apple Wallet you can also store the boarding pass directly. Of course, the system is incipient, it refers to domestic races and you will probably be able to take advantage of the option only between the participating states so far, but it shows a digitization direction for the future.

Apple has also invested in the direction of digital car keys. Keep your key in your cell phone. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the idea, that it seems as simple as keeping the real key in your pocket, now that most of them are contactless. However, there are small advantages such as the ability to quickly borrow a key from another person, possibly one with limited permissions and so on.

In the future, everything could be moved digitally. What do you have in your wallet now? Newsletter, driving license, bank cards, loyalty cards. All can already be stored on iPhones.

Google did not move in this direction in time. If you want to store loyalty cards, there are applications such as Stocard, which also synchronize between phones. The crucial difference is that Apple secures such important data better, that maybe in a 3rd party application you wouldn't trust to give it your ID card, and in addition it has a system through which some loyalty cards can be applied as well. through NFC readers, touching the phone to them just like a payment.

I can only hope that Google will realize, however, that such things must be done by them as the main trust provider on an Android phone, not by 3rd party applications.

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