The Diary Game 11/09/2021 - Nioh: The Complete Edition and Sheltered, Free Games Offered by Epic Games Store Plus Crysis Remastered Trilogy.

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Epic Games Store continues to offer free PC games. This time, until September 16, 2021, you can claim two free games: Nioh: The Complete Edition and Sheltered. Once claimed, these titles can be downloaded and played whenever you want through the Epic Games Launcher client.

The action in Nioh takes place in a period of civil war, in ancient Japan, the producers combining the elements related to Japanese folklore - samurai vs. supernatural creatures - with sword fighting techniques characteristic of samurai. Team Ninja, the studio behind this game, has the titles Ninja Gaiden, Nioh being characterized as a combination between this series and some of the game mechanics characteristic of the Dark Souls series. Nioh: The Complete Edition also includes all three DLC packs: Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor and Bloodshed’s End.

Nioh: The Complete Edition can be claimed for free through the Epic Games Store, until September 16, 2021, by accessing this link Nioh:The Complete Edition and selecting the button marked “Get”.

Sheltered is a title that combines the elements of survival with those of management, the players being tasked with protecting a family of four members, who, when the apocalypse arrives, find their salvation inside an abandoned shelter.

Sheltered can be claimed free of charge through the Epic Games Store, until September 16, 2021, by accessing this link Sheltered and selecting the button marked "Get".

Two more free games expected next week

Next week, Epic Games will offer two more free PC games: Speed Brawl and Tharsis. Until then, you can claim Nioh: The Complete Edition and Sheltered as free games until September 16, 2021, from the Epic Games Store.

Crysis Remastered Trilogy

In a post on the series' official Twitter account, Crytek revealed the release date for the Crysis Remastered Trilogy. Thus, the package that will include remastered versions of all three games in the Crysis series will be available starting October 15, 2021, in versions for PC and consoles.

Both the first Crysis and Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 have been retouched and adapted to run on modern platforms, Crysis Remastered Trilogy will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The PS4 and Xbox One editions will run, through backwards compatibility, on the new PlayStation 5, respectively Xbox Series X | S, with improvements specific to these platforms.

And this time Crytek is collaborating with Saber Interactive, the two companies working together on the remastered version of the first Crysis, enhanced with high resolution textures (8K), revised models, the use of effects such as temporal anti-aliasing, screen space directional occlusion ( SSDO), global voxel-based lighting (SVOGI), depth of field of the highest quality level, motion blur or parallax occlusion mapping.

Also, in the case of the PC editions of the three games in the Crysis Remastered Trilogy, effects played with the help of Ray Tracing techniques are promised. The remastering of the first Crysis will also be released on Steam.

Crysis Remastered Trilogy will be released on October 15, 2021, in versions for PlayStation 4 (compatible with PS5), Xbox One (compatible with Xbox Series X | S), Nintendo Switch and PC (via Epic Games Store). Also, Crysis Remastered for PC, available so far only on the Epic Games Store, will be released via Steam.

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Crysis Remastered Trilogy Will Be Released On October 15, 2021,


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