The Diary Game 06/06/2021. The New Ferrari Roma

in Italy4 months ago

I looked at the Ferrari Roma presentation below and I'm amazed at

how many capacitive buttons they put in the car, that is, a lot of them. Even the adjustment of the side mirrors is done from capacitive buttons each mirror separately and then sliding with your finger on a capacitive sensor, as if you were shooting on the screen of a mobile phone.

I drove a few such cars (with many capacitive buttons, not Ferrari) and I never liked the experience. You always have to keep your eyes on the road to see what you press on the board, while a classic button is immediately felt on your finger.

I find it complicated to adjust the side mirror while walking, pointing to a touch sensor hidden to the left of the steering wheel, an operation that also requires increased precision, because we are talking about millimeter movements of your finger while driving.

MvwLKy3SfvJwXFKCRMDAFrt961QXEw3gPkdZvRL1k (13).png

I even prefer the large touch screen in front of the small and capacitive buttons for the simple reason that at least on the screen you can create an interface adaptive to the situation, user configurable and with very large buttons, if necessary. A series of 20 small capacitive buttons remains fixed forever.

I drove various cars with such buttons. The most unpleasant experience was the Porsche Panamera 4 Hybrid, of a friend of mine, which had just that, small buttons and touch for most functions. I'm not a fan of any interior with many physical buttons, but I think that the essentials should be kept that way, easy to find without looking carefully, and the rest moved to the "TV" on board.

Not that that would stop me from getting a Ferrari Roma. The car looks very cool, although in appearance you say it's something produced by the Japanese, not by the Italians, and with McLaren headlights. Maybe this is just a reaction to change, who knows. But yes, Ferrari went through this model with capacitive buttons, including on the steering wheel, full electronic dashboard and other such fireworks that they will probably find in full on their future SUV.

MvwLKy3SfvJwXFKCRMDAFrt961QXEw3gPkdZvRL1k (14).png

I know in theory the reasons behind it. A capacitive button is cheaper than a classic one, because it doesn't have a microswitch and as much hardware in the back. A large screen from which to adjust everything is even cheaper than a series of capacitive buttons. I'm just amazed to find that this applies even to cars like Ferrari.

MvwLKy3SfvJwXFKCRMDAFrt961QXEw3gPkdZvRL1k (11).png

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