The Diary Game 04/06/2021. F-150 Lightning: Electric Pickup Also Have a Future.

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Ford is on the wave. The Mustang Mach-E was generally well received.

Everyone would like a Ford Bronco. And now the new F-150 Lightning, the electric version of the F-150 truck, looks like the kind of model that will sell very well in 2022, when it will be officially launched on the market.

I know that the Tesla Cybertruck is much more desired and pre-ordered, that it is also a unique model. The F-150 Lightning may, however, be the vehicle that will be an important point in the adoption of electrics and in their development in general. The utility vehicle market is important in the US, and if Ford proves that such an electric model is very good, it will go down in history.

It has 500 km range and 563 hp, but that matters less. Probably more important is that the model remains a good pickup truck at all, being able to carry about a ton of cargo and tow much more. Its batteries can be used to power all kinds of power tools with up to 2.4 kW of power, and Ford says that the entire electrical system could power your house for 3 days if you take the 9.6 kW output option.

It has reached the period when, if there is a power outage in the neighborhood, you connect the car to the house for electricity to the refrigerator and TV. This opens up very cool possibilities for the towed caravan market, because you can camp with everything you want.

The F-150 Lightning borrows all sorts of useful tricks from the petrol model. The front seats can be folded down completely and you can sleep in them. The gearbox area turns into a table on which to put your laptop and work or on which to put the McDonald’s bag and eat. It has autonomous driving systems, large front trunk and the usual security systems. It charges for about 80 km in 10 minutes and charges 80% of its capacity in 45 minutes at 150 kW.

The base price is affordable, starting at $ 40,000 in the States. Depending on the features and other options, you can reach double this price, but it's not unusual for the F-150 range, which remains the best-selling model in the US. It will compete especially with the Tesla Cybertruck, which, however, seems oriented towards a different kind of audience, not muses towards work and practical aspects.

The question is who will buy an electric pickup, when usually these cars are used for work and there you prefer the stability of a classic gasoline system. The question becomes, however, why not an electric F-150? 500 km of autonomy is a lot, and if a lunch break puts another 80% in your batteries, autonomy will not theoretically be a problem. The advantages of a full electric system on the machine are many, especially in work, that you can more easily supply various tools or implements, and in the generous motor torque.

A lot of those who use an F-150 for work probably also have a place to load it at home. Then there is the market of people who want a pickup truck because it is cool, not muses because they have to carry bales of hay or gypsum or pipes to the construction site. It is a car that can tow a caravan and then power it for a few days off.

I think it will sell well. They have already registered 70,000 pre-orders in the first week of the presentation. After the general enthusiasm of the Bronco model and the way the Mustang Mach-E was received, it seems that Ford is on the wave in the American market.

I also like that they went for a modern look for the electric version, with that lightbar that connects the headlights. The petrol F-150 has a slightly more classic look, as it is not recommended to change too much a design that is considered emblematic and that brings $ 42 billion a year in sales. On the electric version, however, Ford was able to play more and looks good.

In conclusion, it seems to me that in the field of pickup trucks, Ford F-150 is the peak of technology. He will probably be very successful even among the "workers" precisely because you can feed his equipment on a small site. Autonomy of 500 km, of which we still have to say 100 because you fed a circular saw one day, that's enough. The only thing I don't like is that that strip of lights between the headlights gives the grille too massive a look. And in terms of price, being able to buy a pickup at the price of the Tesla Model 3 is very cool.

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