The Diary Game 03/06/2021. Prestigio Click Touch 2, a Keyboard Like You've Never Seen Before.

in Italy4 months ago

There is no democracy in the world of gadgets.

Some are trivial, not very smart, they don't look very good, but the unpretentious ones accept them because they do their job with them.
On the other hand, we have the nobility of electronics: smart, high-performance, emblematic in terms of outfit and style.
The Click & Touch 2 keyboard by Prestigio is part of this select category, being ennobled with the Red Dot 2021 design award in the Computer & IT category. It is the most important award in the world of consumer electronics, even because it has a 65-year tradition.

Touchpad keyboard

About 80% of the Click & Touch 2 surface works as a touchpad: touch the keyboard and click, zoom, scroll or move the cursor. With the classic right-left keys you select and move files.
It's kind of hard to understand at first, isn't it?
It will be easier if you watch this 56-second clip, which explains visually and concisely how smart the Prestigio keyboard is:

Of course you are wondering if you will not confuse the typing functions (when you have to write something) and the touchpad functions. The keyboard feels what you want. You touch the keys and slide your finger, it's touch. Press the key, enter writing mode.

Customize it as you wish

Download the Clevetura mobile application on your smartphone and customize (via Bluetooth) the Click & Touch 2 keyboard as you wish. Turn the entire surface or just the left or right area into a touchpad.

At the movies?

If you watch movies on your computer or smart TV, this keyboard will fit you well. You scroll through the sequences and adjust the sound very easily, sliding on the keys.

With distributive attention

Prestigio Click & Touch 2 is understood with all Bluetooth devices, computers, game consoles, phones, TVs. Even more than once, without confusing them, because it comes with three Bluetooth channels and a USB Type C connection.
For fans of the Bitten Apple, it is proven that it makes a good team with iPads, and together they make high-performance laptops.