Tiny Houses are the New McMansions? (Join and Win, Be a Winner!)

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💋 What would be harder, to have a huge McMansion or be squished into something 500 square feet? I've watched a few documentaries on both types of lifestyles and have concluded that for myself neither works. Perhaps it's the fact I like to have personal space but not where I feel I'm living in an episode of Dan Bell's, "Dead Malls". You can have screaming "gettin' it on time" in a McMansion and be stories away from anyone hearing it. The downside of swinging on a Chandelier is to fall on your perfect bum and be a couple blocks away from your apathetic family helping. Nothing says love like a closet the size of a Brooklyn apartment.💋

😈👿 Downside of Tiny Houses is the danger of feeling like you are in a cell and going crazy and devouring your bunkmate.

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(giphy, Selfie with very expensive Burts Bee lip gloss, POSH AF)


I would actually like a tiny-house in the backyard to use as an office and work space. I think that'd be a lot of fun.

You should have entered that selfie in week 1 of my contest! Oh well. :)

Dm me or hit me up in Pirate world on Photo challenges, I didn't know till today in our game room you did that! I used to run funny ones back in the day. Communities have made me gaf again a bit , lol

McMansions are too high maintenance, a 500 sq footer will do as long as it has Wifi.

Agreed but would be just my little treehouse, that's just too small for the amount of empty void space required

Awesome post! Life is one step at a time. You can upgrade from a 500 sq footer owner to McMansion owner when the time is right

I like under 3k square feet, I don't like headaches lol
thanks citi


I to want something in between not so tiny one feels cramped but nothing to big to maintain

middle path! Yeah for sue

yes that would be ideal

I'm an in-betweener, but, a tiny house in my backyard for my personal office? Outstanding idea @ @wwwiebe part.

Can I just please have a big walk-in closet?


lol, I'm all about just having high ceilings , hate feeling all cramped
I was driving around lately and saw basically ready to buy tiny houses, not sheds, but all cool contemporary nice ones that you could just set up an office in, one had freaking skylights,

They really do have some pretty cool ones, however, the price tags on them negate all the fun. They are $$$ OMG. But, there is a show on HGTV or one of those called tiny houses and it is a hoot to see all they have in some of them!

Also here

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