Travel Pro Places of Interest #175: A Cemetery in Rural Vietnam! Part One (8 Photos)

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Hey there my Steemit friends! In this Travel Pro Places of Interest Series we focus on specific places of interest for a given location. This may come in the form of parks, museums, beaches, cathedrals, markets, and much more. Always an interesting series and always informative!

They say cemeteries are creepy. Well this one was not that creepy, I'm sure the creep factor would have gone way up after the sun goes down; but one thing is for sure this is one of the most unusual cemeteries I've ever visited and I've seen many all over the world.

No, I'm not some weirdo into dead people, I'm just a fan of culture and one of the most interesting ways to get a glimpse into a people's culture is to visit a cemetery. Now this cemetery, in the middle of no where Vietnam seemed quite well taken care of; especially of the cemetery we saw in the Mekong Delta City of Ben Tre.

This cemetery was huge! We saw it from a distance as we approached four hours into a motor cycle ride to the National Park of Cat Tien. We were getting tired but thought it would be an interesting place to take a rest and take some photos too of course. Now come along lets have a haunted look at this cemetery in Rural Vietnam!

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Photo Credit: World Travel Pro and Miss Travel Pro!

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