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***It's cool. If anybody want to be cool, he may take a chance. It's in the City. Like a piece of garden on a desert...*** Inner beauty of Jamboree Park
Inner beauty of Jamboree Park

Yeah. I am saying about jamboree park. Even though you are a Bangladeshi, it may be something new for you. Even if you are a native of Chittagong, then it may be new. You may not hear it about it. Because it's very new and still now it is not so many familiar. But I may confirm you that if you come here, you will get something totally different taste among the places where are you usually go every time.

On which places you used to go regularly- sea beach, hill track, museum, park, historical place or something having natural beauty. Why I am distinguishing among these places and supporting jamburi park in different way.. let me explain.

This was nothing but a morning walking park the citizens of Chittagong City especially on the agrabad area. They used to come here for morning and evening walk, but the city corporation decided to change the view of this path and yet it's something different way for attracting tourists.

How nice the weather is!
How nice the weather is!

And they spend a lot of money on a development project for the infrastructure development of this park. It is situated on the south side of Shishu Park, Agrabad. It is fully decorated with tiles and Terracotta. There are walking areas on the park in round shape and besides the walking road, there are a lot of trees have been planted to increase the natural beauty of the park.

We were at a nice evening
We were at a nice evening

But I like to enjoy it on different way. I am not a formal person and I always like to enjoy in an informal way. So when everybody is walking, I don't join with them rather than sitting on the road side and putting my foot under water.feeling the softness of water

Feeling the softness of water
Feeling the softness of water

Ohhh.. wait. I have forget about saying the water. There are some Lake type swimming pools, not for swimming actually, but for enhancing beautification and there are two stream falls artificially set that is designed and decorated with colourful lights. This is the most highest focus point of this park.

Colourful streaming
Colourful streaming

So never go to the park accept evening. If you miss the time, I am sure that you will miss the actual beauty of this park. The streams are decorated in such a way that if you don't face it at the evening, when it is lightening which changing colour level, you fail to enjoy a surprising moment.

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It is seemed the water to be colourful but actually not. It's a game of light and you will be confused, how the colours is been changed. So I will invite you to come here and be confused with a lot of joy.

How you will come here

I have mentioned earlier that it is situated in Agrabad area of Chittagong. At first you have to come at Agrabad, which is a well known area of that city. Then you can ride on rikshaw, taxi or cab to on jamburi park. If you have idea about that area or use Google map, you may also come here by walking from Agrabad circle. It will take only 10 to 15 minutes depending upon your walking energy.

This is at the map: [//]:# (!pinmapple 22.324075 lat 91.807709 long d3scr)

Find it at Google map
Find it at Google map


It's a free area for the tourists. So you have no cost, but if you come here with your special person, you may be changed highly by the restaurant owners around the area 🙂 So keeo preparation for your partner.


It is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and for the security purpose of the parking area, the park is remaining closed at whole night. I have mentioned earlier that I'll suggest you to visit the area at evening and the best time is from dusk up to the closing time at the park.

Security system

There are enough security guards and polices around the parking area and also at the entering gates for your security. I am very much pleased with the security system of that park that is absent in most of the tourist areas of my country. That's why I will suggest every person with friends and family to come here and you have not to be bothered about any eve-teasing, hijacking or anything else.

Save and secured even at night
Save and secured even at night

Other surroundings

Whenever we go to any tourist area, we like to take some delicious food with our friends, family members or other special persons. But I will not suggest you to take food on that area, because the restaurants around the area not so much well decorated and the food quality is also not satisfactory, even I am not satisfied. So if you want to take some delicious food, you must go to Agrrabad. Where you will find a lot of quality restaurants with a great variety of food items both local, traditional and international.

Besides this park I have mentioned that there is a Shishu park. It is specialised for the children, but if you go there, you will get some pleasure and it may be also a part of your tour as you will get two area visiting chance at the same time, same location, with minimum cost. So don't you want a bonus trip!

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