Pandemic Travel: Puerto Rico: Part 5: Finishing the Entire Coast of Puerto Rico

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Hello Hiveians! Welcome back! How have you been?

Things have been pretty decent here lately, things are getting better lately with the virus, and hopefully will continue to do so, but time will tell.

Today we are going to pick up where we left off, on the Southern West coast of Puerto Rico where we stayed the night, and will be preparing to finish our coast drive back to San Juan!

So once again, we're up at sunrise, the roosters are cawing, and we begin packing, but not before enjoying the sunrise on the balcony.

This place was very interesting, it's in a random, not so developed area, but it seemed like an almost luxury concept, with a pool with a waterfall, but not well maintained. But the views were amazing!

After packing, we were on our way again to complete the whole coast of Puerto Rico!

Our first stop would be a small town that had a history with Christopher Colombus, for which I kind have forgotten, but I think he landed near there at some point, which I wasn't aware of. It was a very beautiful small town, with beautiful architecture and statues.

These were all taken at the town center, which was a beautiful and quaint square. I grabbed a bagel there, and then we continued to explore a bit, keeping time in mind as we still had quite a drive ahead of us.

We came across this piece of art seeming to be about the covid outbreak and the link to tourism.

We headed down a few streets and explored a bit more. Such a beautiful town with a simple and charming feeling to it, even in these uncertain times.

After that, we got back to the car and headed to our next destination, Ship Wreck Beach, who disappointingly, didn't have a ship wreck.

But we were told it's a great place for diving and snorkeling, and there are old dock infrastructure that is under water to check out. We didn't plan to snorkel, but we got there, we talked to a girl in the water, she was from Oregon, and we decided if we changed quick enough, we could get in and ot in 20 minutes, so we did it!

After that, back to the car again and off to our next stop, Survival Beach!

We heard great things about this place so we saved a good amount of time for this place. After navigating the rough road into the lot, we got right to hiking!

After a hiking a bit, we finally made it to the main beach, which you can only get to by hiking, and it was so worth it!

We hung out for a few minutes, and then headed back, but the views were amazing still!

We realized we were a bit tight on time and had to modify our plans a bit. We cut out Indian Caves, and decided to hit it on the next day, and give us more time. So we shot right to this amazing cove beach I spotted on Google Maps not too far from San Juan! And it was pure amazingness for my drone!

So after flying there for a bit, and trying to swim, which didn't happen because it's quite dangerous trying to get in and out of this pool cove area, we headed back to complete our loop at San Juan!

We got back right around sunset and I summoned the energy to explore Old San Juan since I hadn't seen it yet. What a beautiful area.

I then headed towards the castle/fort right at sunset to check it out.

I then spent some time wandering the streets of Old San Juan and shooting before it got too late since there was a curfew in place at the time. Here's those shots!

Sorry for the delay in this one, but I had a few things going on that took away from my time to post and I didn't want to have to rush this out, so I hope you enjoyed this installment and on the next one we'll check out the Indian Caves, where a few scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, as well as some waterfalls! And let me know, what was your favorite place from this day?

In the meantime you can see more of my work at and on Instagram @SeanGoldPhotos

- Sean

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