Let me introduce you to the Nis Fortress

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Today is a beautiful spring day, beautiful to walk and enjoy. I decided to make the best use of this day and to visit the country in which I live, although this city is not far from my city, I have never been to this fortress, to the Nis fortress, but for everyone, there is a first time like this. And believe me, I didn't waste my time.


This city is beautiful, full of smiling and nice people, while I was there I felt like I was not in my country. The city is much bigger than mine, and the fortress is more beautiful than our Smederevska, or I am bored with our fortress, in any case, I enjoyed visiting this city, seeing new people, and experiencing and visiting something new. I love to travel, and I am especially happy when I see that the country I live in is so beautiful.


Let's move on to the history of this beautiful fortress.

What is interesting about this fortress is that on the site of today's Nis fortress, the Naisus fortress became, and within it was the entire city with the administration and the army. And I was most surprised when I learned that the first Roman stone fortress was built on this place around the middle of the 2nd century, and during the Roman Empire, the ancient city of Naisus was an important border fortress.


Of course, since they're used to be an ancient and Byzantine fortress here, this medieval fortress was built on the same foundations of an ancient fortress. At the end of the 11th century, there was a strong Byzantine garrison in it. The great Serbian prefect Stefan Nemanja conquered the city in 1183, and in 1189 he met the German Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa in Nis. From the time of Emperor Dušan, the city of Niš finally became part of Serbia, but unfortunately, the Turks occupied the city in 1427.



But when the Turks captured Nis, they did not waste time, during the third and fourth decades of the 18th century, they built a completely new bastion artillery fortress on the site of the old fortification according to Voban's system, in order to defend the new border with the Habsburg monarchy.



Today's fortress was built on the remains of an ancient and medieval fortress in the period from 1719 to 1723. By the Sultan's charter of February 19, 1719, it was decided to build a strong fortress in Nis. Master stonecutters were brought from Constantinople, and the rampart was built by 400 masons. The completion of the works was marked by ceremonies and the installation of a plaque with an inscription on the Istanbul Gate, in June 1723.



Nis Fortress is the best-preserved fortress of this type in the Balkans. and This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to visit and feel the charms of medieval rule through different ages. I recommend you to visit the south of Serbia, see the beautiful things and feel this amount of good energy and recharge your batteries while walking through this beautiful fortress, but also the city.



In this fortress, you can find a monument to Prince Milan Obrenović. The monument to Prince Milan Obrenović and the liberators of Niš, in the shape of a rifle bullet, represents a symbol of the Fortress as a military facility. The monument marks the struggle for the liberation of Niš from the Turks. It was built in 1902, on the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Niš, and to commemorate the first anniversary of Prince Milan Obrenović's death. The initials of its author Vicenzo Kaliterna, the Italian artist and stonecutter, were carved in the right corner of the monument. A harmonious composition and valuable piece of art, the monument is the first memorial in Niš dedicated to the liberators of the city from the Turks.


Enjoy viewing the fortress and, I hope you will come to see her in person.












With love, Sarah❤️


It's nice to learn about this fortress and some of the history of your country. Thanks for all the great pics! :)

I love learning something new.

Thanks for the comment ☺️