A trip to the snowy Abetone

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This weekend we decided to take a walk on the ship, about a couple of hours away from here there is a very famous place located between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, it is called Abetone, a name due to the large presence of fir trees , this area is rich in woods and is famous because it starts to snow here as early as September being at a high altitude and the snow remains until spring, here there are many ski slopes and places to do winter sports, in the winter months there is lots of tourism from all over the world.

As soon as we arrived here we immediately loved the view, the snow reached up to our knees and the ski slopes were full, to get there we passed snowy but clean roads, many fairytale woods, we immediately found a heart-shaped structure in the main square dedicated to the place and we used it to take our pictures. Many people also go to Abetone for other reasons besides sports and snow, it is famous for its blueberries which are delicious and can be found in every shop, furthermore the various bars and refuges have a wide selection of blueberry-based desserts , then there are those who come for the fresh air and to take pictures and admire nature.

We loved it we had a nice walk in the snow, we had a coffee and enjoyed the view, it was obviously very cold but the show is worth it. A few words about this beautiful place, it had the biggest snowfall which brought two and a half meters of snow in front of the houses, the forest that surrounds it is also a nature reserve and here we can also find wolves, it is a very disputed because of tourism, the major tourists are German and Dutch.

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