Moonlight night

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Today the moon lasts 14 days. The moon rises anew every 30 days. The moon is much smaller to give the first to rise And gradually 15 days of. The moon goes completely round. And the moonlight increases. Makes the whole world enlightened.




In fact, the moon has no power of its own to illuminate the night sky. Science Thekop We have learned that the moon stores energy from the sun. And illuminates the night sky. In fact the moon, the sun karori why not power. All power belongs to the ALLAH. He can make night into day and day into night if he wants.


I was sitting on the balcony this evening. Because there was no electricity. Our balcony is located on the east side. Moonlight can be enjoyed from our balcony. But now the rainy season has come to Bangladesh Now the sky is covered with clouds all day and night. Sometimes the sky is covered with clouds. And the rain begins to fall. When the sky is clear again. The sky was clear this evening. But as the night deepened, black clouds engulfed the entire sky. The moonlight has decreased due to the clouds. Now the whole sky is dark.


The clouds have so much power that they do not even allow the light of the sun to come on the earth. Many times in the morning the sky is covered with black clouds. Because the sun illuminates the whole world in the morning. But black clouds sometimes surround the sun.

Camera: OPPO F10

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