Cloud around Mont Blanc

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Dear Blocktrotters

How many cloud can describe a magical scenario. How many differents clouds exist in this world? I discover those ones near the Mont Blanc near Chamonix. I was really captured by the beauty of the sky, this day I really was touched by the nature. How many colors you can see? How many differents colors create the sky? 

You can travel only with your eyes, you do not need to go far. You can travel wiht your imagination, seeing all the differents shapes of clouds creating creatures, monsters or other fantastic images. It depends to your imagination.

I share a song too, because it helps imagination. I hope you enjoy. I hope you can easily travel simply seeing these clouds, these colors. 

This version of the song is the first version of a song that changed a little bit, but the main meaning is about 

How was born thissong?

A song comes out just like a bee would come out of a beehive, in search of pollen, to feed its community with a sweet melody.

And you try in vain to stop it, to cover it, to slow it down, but the suffering becomes insurmountable, inexplicable and then you end up letting go. That's why I went to a window.

A song fills the void I carry, a primordial need to offer the world what I believe in for over 30 years, but I am almost 40. Music.

Music will never cease to make sense of my life as a solitary poet. How can you manage to escape music? Music accompanies me even when the stereo is turned off. Music is like the tip of the iceberg of life.

Lyrics - The soul goes

Save me from this prison of mine

I only have one song to tell you

Save me from this penance

Sitting in this room

for some time now he hasn't wanted to leave

Save me from this arrogance

It's cold and the blanket isn't enough for me

that you left has already flown away

But the soul goes

on the night or on a rhyme

and verse after verse

against wind and without rope

we will get to the top.

we have already reached the top


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