Zhongshan. Part 2. Fish farm.

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While visiting Zhongshan last year, we went for a walk, and, unexpectedly, ended up at a fish farm.
Rather, it was unexpected for us, but not for the acquaintance who took us there. Because she took us there specifically to show how colored carp are bred.
It turned out to be very simple.
And very interesting.
A few videos can be viewed below, at the end of the post, on my YouTube channel.
Let me clarify right away that these are decorative fish for ponds and reservoirs, in private houses or in parks.

When I visit such places in China, I have a double feeling.
The first moment that always arises in my head is the thought that "somehow everything is simple."
The second thought follows the first, "what, it really is possible."
That is, everything is somehow so simple, and, at the same time, this is a small business that is quite effective in its work.

Here is such a small farm, in fact, just one yard. With a beautiful entrance and decorative bright fish at the entrance.

In the yard there are several open roofed verandas. There are several pools under each of them. Roofs are needed from rain, of course, rather, these are such large canopies.

Of course, I could not pass by a wonderful flower next to one of the buildings.
Here, it seems, is a fish farm, but no, beautiful flowering shrubs will be planted, everything to please our eyes. :)))

Each pool has a different amount of fish, different colors and different sizes.
It is very good, of course, to watch a video where the sizes and colors of different fish are clearly visible.
I think that here you can buy fish in your pond in the yard, or in the pond for the park. And there are also fry, which are grown right there, and which here, when growing up, are transplanted into another container or immediately sold to order.
Although in ponds and in different reservoirs, of course, already adult beautiful colorful fish are needed.
Look at this photo to see how huge the fish are.
Maybe they have orders for the size of the desired fish? It would be interesting to read, who knows how the purchase and order of fish on such a farm takes place.
Or maybe it's much easier. It's just that there are standards for growing different sizes, and then buyers buy the fish they like.
On the other hand. large fish need to be fed more, that is, the costs of keeping such fish are much higher than keeping small ones.

A lot of pools are empty, there are those that are immediately cleaned. We ourselves saw how they were cleaned and washed in our presence.

It is interesting that in all the pools where fish live, the water runs without stopping, that is, there is no standing water, only running water.

While my acquaintance with my daughter and my husband walked somewhere in the same direction, I moved on. Where there were some bathtubs and plastic buckets. From a distance it seemed to me that this was some kind of auxiliary building, and that there was no one there.
My simple curiosity to see what is there, in the back of the yard.

And what do you think? It turned out to be the most interesting - there were baths with eggs, which had just become fry. They were just darkness.

I'll show you tomorrow.

Some videos:

To be continued....

All photos and videos are copyright. 

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