Happy New Year 2021 !!!

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Happy New Year with a new happiness! All the best!

Happy New Year to all of you!

This is not only a new year, it is also a new decade. The 30s of the second millennium began today. Therefore, you can begin to build not only the foundation for the implementation of plans for the year, but also a plan for the whole decade!

The past year has been different for all of us. Many scold him, but I cannot.

In 2020, our grandson was born, safely, healthy and beautiful, to the delight of mom, dad and grandparents.

And this event alone overlaps all the others, because for us 2020 will always remain the year of birth of our grandson.

In general, 2020 was quite calm for us, being in China, having fallen into the very beginning of the pandemic, we lived this period quite mildly: we were not in quarantine, were not in a hard lockdown, we walked on the sea, we were open supermarket and market all days, in our gaden there were no tickets to leave the house every two days per person, as there were in many other places not only in China, but also in many other countries.

Our family was not divided, we were not stuck in another country, as happened with many of our friends.

And, most importantly, we are all safe and sound!

The most important conclusion from the past year: the main value is our loved ones in good health and our health, everything else is secondary.

The most important wish for 2021: May you and your loved ones be healthy!

And for everyone - financial well-being, this is a very significant aspect in life, giving everyone confidence in the future for themselves and their loved ones!

Be happy!

Let's all say on December 31, 2021 that the outgoing 2021 was a very good year.

Happy New Year! Happy new decade! Happy new era of Aquarius!

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