Guilin. Part 10. Embankment in Yangshuo.

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Let me remind you that we were very lucky in the first 2 days of our stay in Yangshuo.
We arrived in the evening, it was already getting dark (we were driving for 6-7 hours to Yangshuo). With stops, without rushing.
We arrived before dark, reached the point on the navigator in Yangshuo itself, stood on the embankment of the river - and, as it happens, "in three pines, palm trees got lost."
And you know, we really couldn't find our hotel for 40 minutes. We first drove around two circles, we were all asked, they showed us everything, we drove and could not find.
Then they left the car at the embankment and went to look for it on foot - it's useless. Then they started calling, asked one of the cafes to help us call our hotel and say that we could not find her.
The hostess told us to stand where we are (and we were standing near some cafe at a fork in the road), and after 10 minutes she came for us.
Where is our hotel? Of course, only 300 meters away. Just courtyards, many different rented small 3-5-storey hotels, they all go along, so it was difficult to determine which one is ours.
We also had one name, but on the sign in Chinese it was completely different.
Well, this is China. :)))
In general, it was already getting dark, we drove the car right in front of the hotel entrance, checked in, put our suitcases and went to look for food. Very tired. We ate at the nearest cafe and sleep.

And we saw such beauty the very next day.

We had breakfast, there was no time or desire to look for something for a long time, we went into the first cafe next door, there was pizza and coffee, and there we had breakfast.

The pizza was quite tasty, the coffee was excellent.

And we walked all day. We found a huge number of kilometers that day, but were incredibly happy with the walk.
On this day, wonderful pictures were taken, the sky after lunch became completely blue, the sun was bright, and we enjoyed the views. The mountains there really take your breath away on the first day.

Do you believe that these photographs for me later became screensavers on my laptop and iPhone.
Because it is very beautiful. Not professional, perhaps from a photographers point of view, but I'm not a photographer either, I'm an amateur.
In general, I really, really liked this embankment and this river.
And we also took a ride on this river in a boat. They could not resist. Just once I said in a previous post that we did not go for a ride on a bamboo boat, because we had already skated the day before. Here we are, among this beauty, and skated.

I'll tell you about the boat ride and show the video next time.

To be continued...

All photos belong to the author of the post.

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