Automatic 5G mobile KFC kiosks in China.

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I saw this car, and immediately remembered how we looked at such automatic drones at the exhibition.

I am pleased to always see technologies in action, that is, in practice.
Not only to see at the exhibition, but, very soon, to see how everything that was at the exhibition is being introduced into our daily life.
These are the cars we saw in 2019 at the Shenzhen Technology Show.
And now these cars appear on the streets in the form of self-service shops.
I arrived, got up, come - pay - take.
Very comfortably.
There are no sellers, no special place for a store or a trade pavilion. You can move from one point to another.

Maybe I'm wrong, but there, most likely, some other function is inserted, in the form of what it was like in a taxi - he waved his hand to such a traveling machine - it stopped, approached, bought, and she drove on. Only there is no driver.
But it is not exactly. :)))

Such machines have also been seen from Pizza Hut, and some other network company for the manufacture and sale of snacks.
I think there will be more and more of them.

Hotels without staff, smart doors that you yourself open in them using the code that came in, shops without sellers, patrol cars - drones, drones - food delivery and postal - all this is already around. I am glad that I had the time to live among all this, the very "world of new technologies" about which we watch films and read articles.
Here he is - around.

We wanted to go to exhibitions - to travel to see what new products are offered, we made a schedule of exhibitions for 2020 in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, that is, where we live, where it is close. But 2020 made its own adjustments to exhibition activities, and there were no exhibitions this year. Several exhibitions were held offline in the fall, but most were held online.
Those who came to the offline exhibition in Shenzhen showed empty rows, no visitors, only the employees of the companies themselves went to each other's stands, and there were no real visitors - buyers.
To my question, why did they even begin to exhibit at a time when China is closed for incoming foreigners, I was told that the exhibition was paid for a year ago, no one will return money back, or exhibit, or the money will be lost, or wait any other next exhibition. So the companies exhibited.

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I would love to have it in Italy too!! 

Yes, can be for future, I think. : )))

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