The most beautiful and idyllic mountain village in the northwest of Mallorca

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Hey guys, today I introduce you to Fornalutx - it is considered as one of the most beautiful villages of Mallorca - and with a reason!

Fornalutx is a mountain village in the Serra de Tramuntana. It has already been awarded several times as the "most beautiful village in Spain". The houses in the village are completely made of natural stone. Just this construction method and the green alleys still stand for the original everyday and living culture of Mallorca. The village has a very individual atmosphere. Because the village is a little further out, you don't meet as many tourists here - definitely an advantage!

Most of the tourists who are there, however, are not overnight guests - therefore, we have noticed that in the early afternoon in Fornalutx it gets quieter and you can enjoy the silence and the incredible view!

Location and approach

Fornalutx is located a few kilometres inland and therefore directly in the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana and thus on the north-western coastal mountain range. Beside wonderful landscapes you will also find many historical cultural impressions. You can get to Fornalutx from the island capital Palma on the west coast road to Soller and Porto de Soller. This is about seven kilometres away. Although we drove there with a rented car, there are also public buses that regularly drive to the little village from Palma and Soller/Puerto de Soller.

The climate in Fornalutx and in the whole region is a little rougher than in the rest of Mallorca.

Even though Fornalutx has less than 1000 locals, the village offers some attractions, besides restaurants and small cafes you can actually do some shopping here! But due to its status as the "most beautiful village in Spain", Fornalutx is also interesting for tourists - compared to many other places in the Serra de Tramuntana, the prices for everything here are accordingly more expensive.

A city walk through the village and smaller corners is also highly recommended, as there are more architectural details and differences than one might imagine at the beginning!

The townscape is dominated by ochre-coloured sandstone houses with the characteristic (mostly green) shutters, which serve as heat protection for the inhabitants, numerous stairs, cobbled streets and winding alleys with plant pots in various colours and shapes. If you are looking for the traditional Mallorca, you will find it in Fornalutx.

The village has a moving history that goes back more than 1,000 years, when it was an Arab homestead. Since the 13th century the village has grown steadily until it finally took on its present form after the reconquest by the Catalans. The gothic church of the place, the parish church Navidad de Nostra Senyora, was built in the 17th century.

In the main square, Plaça d'España, several cafés invite to stay, among others the "Sa Plaça" and the bar "Depor". Also nice: here, there are a lot of orange trees and I am sure that the juice that you get in the cafés is freshly pressed exactly from these orange trees! At least that's what we were told ;))

The small fountain in the centre of the square is surrounded by a mysterious story. Supposedly, fate will lead you back to Fornalutx sometime, if you have drunk some of its water. We actually drank some water from the well - and I'm sure I'll come here again, even if I don't believe in magic or such stories - the place is just too beautiful to visit it only once!

A small tip: there is no weekly market of its own, but in the nearby towns of Sóller and Port de Sóller there are markets every Thursday and Saturday, which can be easily combined with a visit.

I hope you enjoyed the Post, even though I added a lot of pictures - I just had too many and they were all so beautiful ;) The village is really worth visiting, I would say it was almost the most beautiful place I have visited on Mallorca!

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Hi @katrin-lux, You are the lucky girl because you stayed such a fabulous mountain village. I love to the surrounding area. Also very simple but amazing architectural method used for built walls and houses.

thanks, yeah fabulous is a good word to describe the village!! So true :)) maybe you will be there one day too ? oh and i saw you resteemed it thanks a lot!

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It’s was an amazing picture.It’s cool my mind

thanks for your comment!!

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