Rivers of abundant water and profit flow for all who have the capacity to harness them

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Today I want to show you one of the best places on my hiking trail, here on the south Cape coast of Africa. And I want you to see it at its best. It’s the waterfall after the heavy rains, when it’s at maximum capacity. This is the fullest I have seen it, and it’s really in flow by African standards. A beautiful sight after the rain in AfricaA beautiful sight after the rain in Africa

I’ve blogged about it in the past, being a favorite subject, but today you can see it overflowing with abundance, like the bull market cryptocurrency cycle when it peaks around now, after four years of waiting. I’m mixing up my two favorite subjects here it seems. Perhaps because both of them are peaking lately, in full flow and pumping like seldom before. Both can only really max out and pump like this in cyclic patterns once every few years, when the conditions are just right.

To see so much water just flowing freely is such an abundant sight. I’m sure many people are able to see this kind of thing some time or another in their region, perhaps when it floods. Numerous countries are experiencing floods lately, so compared to those conditions, my little stream here is quite a lot smaller.

Overflowing pools of plentyOverflowing pools of plenty

However, compared to its usual appearance here in Africa on the southernmost shores, this little stream is at the fullest I have seen it so by comparison it looks abundant to me. Fortunately it is well channelled by the ravine that has been carved out of the hillside by thousands of years of erosion.

All this life-sustaining fresh water is really a blessing to behold. Now the trick is to harness it while there is an abundance. How does one capture the abundant blessings when they are flowing so prolifically, especially when you bucket is so small by comparison. Life – like the ebb and flow of the cryptocurrency market cycle – is a series of droughts and floods sometimes. At one point there is nothing but scarcity. Yet if you wait around long enough, you will be sure to also see the flood of profits and plenty, like around about now.

In the flowIn the flow

Thus now is the time to tap in and to take profit of fill up the reserves so that we can see it through the drier months which will invariably return in the usual cyclic fashion. It’s all about timing and being ahead of the trend. We need to be prepared and to know the timing of the cycles, based on previous experience of those cycles. Drought and flood will continue and we simply have to be ready to do the needful through each part of the cycle. Now that the time of plenty has arrived and the river of profit is in full flow, we need to capture that abundance and harness it and secure it for future benefit.

It’s not always merely about how much rain falls but also obviously about how much of it you can capture when the rain man makes it rain. Otherwise it will simply flow right past you and out to sea to be of no use whatsoever. That’s how I see this little stream and also how I see the bigger stream of the cryptocurrency market cycles. They follow regular patterns and seasons and past experience prepares us for present profits.

Sometimes the flow of abundance only lasts a few days or weeks out of the entire year, or four years. So one really needs to be ready to capitalize by having a big enough bucket to capture the profits. T’s not about how much you make but about how much you keep or how much you can preserve. This applies to your water or your wealth.

And then one step even better than that is if you can then harness your captured water or profits and make them work for you while you have them available. A farmer channels the water into his or her crops and does some good farming with plenty of yield. Similarly the cryptocurrency trader or investor can stake their crypto long term and produce equally good yield as a yield farmer or liquidity supplier. How ironic the use of that word liquidity is, now that I’m in the flow and describing the stream of abundance.

See if you can glimpse the rainbow...See if you can glimpse the rainbow...

So wherever you are, I hope that you can also tap in and benefit from the flood of abundance that is available now that it has rained so prolifically, for when it rains, it pours on all our houses and sometimes rainbows appear too, if you are in the right place to see them.

(photos my own)

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