My Dad's Motorcycle Trip in India: JAWA Festival

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Delhi - Jaipur - Agra - Rishikesh - Delhi

Jawa is a renowned brand in Lithuania and neighboring countries, having been one of this region's most popular motorcycle manufacturers a couple of decades ago. Originally founded in Czechoslovakia (now separated into the Czech Republic and Slovakia), the Jawa brand transitioned to new owners, with production now based in India.

Thanks to invitations from Capital Jawa Jezdi Club and Rajasthan Jawa Jezdi Club, on the 9th of March this year, my Dad and six other Lithuanians traveled to India. There, they embarked on a 2000km motorcycle round trip and participated in the annual Jawa Festival.

Without further ado, I invite you to witness it firsthand. To all the people my Dad encountered, he extends his heartfelt gratitude:

"It was a great honor to meet you, your families, and close friends, to be guests in your homes, share meals, journey side by side, partake in the festival, and explore your vibrant country!"

Here are some photos with my Dad's explanations

We started the trip on March 9
It’s no secret that when the Jawa brand, well-known to us since our youth, changes hands, new Jawa models are made in India
The purpose of the trip is to participate in the Jawa festival organized by the local club and to travel around North India on rented motorcycles
From the left: (Dad) Gintautas, Marius, Gina, Kęstas, Gintautas, Dangirdas and Vytautas
The first stage of the trip to India: Vilnius - Warsaw
The second leg of the trip to India: Warsaw - Delhi (8 hours flight)
Delhi Airport
On arrival in Delhi, members of the local Jawa Club gave a warm welcome. The first task is to taste tea with ginger and milk
Delicious lunch at a local canteen with Deepak Antal
We came to Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Showroom to saddle steel horses. The team was very hospitable
The view from the hotel window. Motorcycles are ready for tomorrow’s trip. Time to rest
The tireless Gina. Last minutes before hitting the road
Vytautas by his motorcycle
Travel route Delhi - Jaipur
Streets of Delhi [1/2]
Streets of Delhi [2/2]
”I see you. Can you see me?”
Park in Delhi
Push-up competition
Lunchtime with Dhananjay Singh. Dhananjay accompanied us throughout the journey
This one was mine
Fuel station
With a good mood towards Jaipur
Very nice to meet club member DrAbhishek Dhiman who happens to be a dentist. We chatted for about an hour and had a good rest outside in the sunshine...
Rest time...
Near Jaipur, Hameer Singh of the Rajasthan Jawa Club met us and guided us all the way to our destination
With Hameer Singh and other motorcycle enthusiasts. Outside the hotel, members of the Rajasthan Jawa Jezdi Club welcomed with flower necklaces
People travel to work
View from the window. In the distance you can see the fortress towards which we were looking forward visiting the next day
View from the roof
Breakfast while getting to know travelers from Germany
”Rajastan Jawa Jezdi Club”
On the way to see Jaipur celebrities
Out of respect for the historical heritage and culture of the place, I will only share photos. Look for the information yourself, because I don’t know very widely, and in order to comment, you need to dig deeper...
With Hameer Singh
A little later we traveled to Hameer Singh’s home
The picture is sweet to the heart, even though it is blurry. In the cozy home of Hameer Singh. The host Hameer on his motorbike
It was very nice to meet Hameer’s parents 🙂 We tasted very delicious local food
After visiting Jaipur, we came to Agra to visit the famous Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal
Hearty and delicious dinner in Agra
This was a nice place to stay
On my way back to Delhi, I had to drive on the toll road for the first time
The wire punctured my tire
The place of the festival is about 200 km to the North East of Delhi
Festival participants gathering
The celebration lasted for three days. We stayed two nights
Meeting local motorcycle enthusiasts
Preparing for something unexpected...
Such a festive ceremony used to be seen only in movies... 😅
Fun moments
It was very nice to receive a gift 🙂
An episode from the evening’s events. On the right is Honey Saxena, whom we also met last year in Lithuania during the Jawa festival
Early morning before continuing the journey
The next stop is Rishikesh
I appeared very tall to the store owner
0.7 horsepower
We were getting ready to swim in the river Ganges
If I’m not mistaken, we rowed about 18 kilometers
Rishikesh [1/3]
Rishikesh [2/3]
Rishikesh [3/3]
A short evening ride to the waterfall
Team Lithuania
A bird’s eye view of Rishikesh
Time for my favorite tea with ginger and milk
Towards the end of the trip, we headed back to Delhi
A minute of refreshment with fresh sugarcane juice. Sugarcane juice pressing equipment
Stay healthy dear friend... Thank you for a nice trip...
Wood rots, iron rusts, but only one thing remains unchanged. The fact that everywhere is good, but at home is the best. Last moments with friends from India before the trip home. Thanks to all of you!!!

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