Snow Valley , a snow paradise

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In winter, many places in the north will be covered with a layer of white snow. But where can get a great abundant snow view in China ? Presumably everyone will think of Snow Town first. But there is a place hidden in the light of Snow Town. There you can see snow mushrooms when you go out, you can see heavy snow cover on roofs, you can see everywhere in a white world, This small village is called “Snow Valley”.

Looking for Snow Valley on the map, there may be several confusing options. The real Snow Valley is Dongsheng Forest Farm where a little above snow town. Normally ,visitor come to Snow Valley just for go though a mountain to arrive Snow Town, so that they always miss the beauty of this small village !

When the map is placed in such a large area, it can still be seen that there is a barren surrounding ~ Also because of such barrenness that it retains its original simplicity!

Taking a bus from Harbin to Snow Valley will be more trouble, and you need to transfer several times. If you miss one of the buses, you may have to stay overnight. It is recommended to go by carpool. All hostels & hotels generally have information on carpooling. I booked directly at my hostel. I departed at 8 a.m. and arrived at Snow Valley at 2 p.m. It takes around 6 hours.

Upon reaching Snow Valley, the white world in front of me is like a fairy, super surprise!

I left my luggage and ran out excitedly! The piles of snow is so attractive, like ice cream cover on roofs, on firewood piles, on corn skewers, I want to take a spoon to eat snow! Of course, thick snow is also cover on roads, one hole one step, guys such as me who never seen snow, are excitedly playing like a child!

Few minutes later, I found a mistake that just Southerner would make! Normal boots will get wet on the snow! No wonder there was an uncle looking at me with strange eyes while walking, and then looking at my feet, I just thinking that my behavior was so stupid? And after that I knew he was looking at my boots! so shame ~

Woke up the next morning and found it was snowing outside, so beautiful! The hostess son said that it just once snowing per ten days or a half months here, and I meet the snowing day ,so lucky ~

My plan today is go to the mountain! Go! Snow Valley is a small village, you can walk in ten minutes, but the mountains behind are more beautiful!

There is a station in the village leading to the mountain, and if you want to pass you need to pay 40 yuan. However, because I don’t have much money to prepare, and there is no any ATM .

When I was about to give up, someone came out from the station and asked where I live. The hostess told me that if someone ask, I should tell him I lived in Dongsheng Store. I didn’t expect that guy said that it was his house. Then he let me go through the station by free! awesome! I felt I was so lucky in these days ~

Another guys also passed through the station together. He said that there are two roads in the mountain, one of which leads to Snow Town. But the other one have more beautiful scenery, and fewer people!

I don’t know if you ever played the game of “Harvest Moon”, when I stay on the mountain I felt like I was in the game! In the “Tale of Two Towns”, mountains in winter are similar to those mountains, they are all white forests, and when you can see the unfrozen streams flowing slowly.

There are some hanging bridges in the mountains leading into the forest. Everything is so similar to the game. I feel like I am the game character living in the game. every days shuttle on the mountain and pick up firewood, pick mushrooms, make some fishing , living base on the mountain ~

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This is so beautiful. Thanks @gillianlien

Wow that is pretty adorable, I loved the frozen corns's picture.

Looks beautiful

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That is awesome snow seen here. Thanks for that beautiful photos here:)

That is awesome snow seen here. Thanks for that beautiful photos here:)