Finally arrived my first home in Australia, and went to work on the first day!

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I arrived in Mildura at around 5 a.m. , a strange place for me. I contacted the foreman of the farm and sent someone to pick me up.

After talked with the guy, I found he also spoke Cantonese, so we immediately started the Cantonese mode. And he also took care of me in the coming days!

This is my first home in Australia! There are almost 10 people living in three rooms, all work for the same farm! But they all went to work when I arrived. After two days didn’t sleep, I was so tired and lay down after took a shower!

The houses in the suburbs of Australia normally are detached house, with only one or two floors. There are no buildings to block the view and feels very comfortable.

Our house has the most empty garden, there just a flower plant in front of the door. I saw other Aussie gardens are very beautiful , and they are very carefully take care of it!

When I go out to buy some daily necessities, I really think Australian vegetables and fruits are very expensive when I first arrived in Australia! I was too poor to eat meat in China, but when I came to Australia, I was so poor that I could only afford to eat meat~

The guy seriously suggested that I buy some instant noodles, presumably he should eat instant noodles very often!

I haven’t got enough rest yet, but I went to work the first day I came! Today my job is put stickers in the freezer. Wearing a thin outer wear, I stayed in the freezer for more than an hour and kept jumping around to keep warm. But it’s pretty easy, and pay by hours. So if there will be sticker jobs later, even it’s cold, I still try to come!

The ants in Australian are so big. The foreman told me that you’d better not trample the Australian ants. Someone stepped on an ant before, and then a pile of ants climbed onto his foot, and he could only take off his pants…

The view of this vineyard with blue sky and white clouds is really healing~

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