Natural wonders of Crimea

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Mud volcanoes of Crimea

Now a little about the natural attractions of the Crimea in the vicinity of the city of Kerch. There is a lot to see here. There are also pink salt lakes, protected steppes and forests. And there is also a unique natural phenomenon - mud volcanoes.

This sounds very strange. So I decided to go and see.

When I was in Kerch, I asked the locals if it was easy to get to these volcanoes. I was told that it is better to have an off-road vehicle. I decided that I can handle it and we went to look at the mud volcanoes.

First, I will determine the location of these natural attractions. I had to study articles on the internet. But when I decided on the location, then it was a matter of technology. I realized that the main thing is to get to the village of Bondarenkovo, which is not far from Kerch, towards the Sea of ​​Azov.

From this village you can even walk to a field with mud volcanoes.

We easily got to the village of Bondarenkovo ​​and found that we could drive along a dirt road towards the volcanoes. Thus, we drove almost to the volcanoes themselves and did not have to walk.

I must admit that this is a completely unusual sight.

It is known that these volcanoes have been functioning for a very long time. Sometimes the mud is spewed out in a large column up to several meters in height. During our visit, the mud gurgled calmly.

This dirt was cold to the touch.

In terms of composition, it is very useful, since the weather has different minerals.

Everything around the crater is covered with a gray crust of mud. It is dense and can be walked on. But they say that this is a deceiving sensation, since under certain conditions the crust can burst and you can fall into soft mud.

They say that during the war a German tank got into such mud. This tank was completely sunk in the mud.

The phenomenon of mud volcanoes is a consequence of the formation of gases as a result of the decomposition of organic matter. Gas forms in the depths and presses on the top layer of the earth. In these places, clays and groundwater form liquid mud, which the gas throws to the surface.

As a result, we see mud volcanoes.

An interesting sight.

The volcano field is not very far from the sea. Beautiful green fields, which are in the status of a reserve, lead us all the way to the sea.

For me, a man from a forest land, such fields, sea, mountains are something amazing.

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