Crimean mountains. Top of the world

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Crimean mountains

Today I would like to talk about the mountains of Crimea. These are not very high mountains, but they have a lot of interesting things and I want to return to these mountains.

The main mountain of Crimea is Mount Ai-Petri. The name of this mountain came to us from the Greek language. This is how the phrase Saint Peter sounds in Greek. I don’t know why the ancient Greeks called this mountain this way, but it looks admirable.

The mountains themselves are not very high. The height of the mountain is 1234 m. You can easily climb it on foot. There are paths and roads for this. But today there is an opportunity to safely go to the top of the mountain by funicular. It's fast and very convenient.

You can also go to Ai-Petri by car. Mountain sorpentine on one side and a gentler ride on the other.

I drove in from one side and the other. The serpentine that leads from the sea gives beautiful views of the nature of this region. Here is the sea and forests and nearby mountains. Very beautiful. Sometimes the observation deck is located on such steeps and cliffs that it is scary to approach the very edge.

Of course, the sea view makes Mount Ai-Petri even more attractive. By the way, it is almost always windy on the mountain. There is such a strong wind that you can lie on it with your arms outstretched.

Climbing to the top of the mountain, you find yourself on a plateau. It gradually descends from the northern side of the mountain. All kinds of hiking trails and horse riding are thriving here.

When I was walking along the plateau, I noticed strange white balls. These are probably some kind of space monitoring systems. I don't know if they are working on the profile now or not, but I know for sure that not very far from this mountain, in the village of Semeiz, there is an observatory in which scientists monitor satellites and measure the distance to these satellites, thereby solving many scientific problems.

It is worth climbing to the top of the mountain to see the delightful panoramas of the Crimea. It is cooler here than at the foot of the mountain and there is a feeling of the top of the world, despite the fact that this mountain is not big at all.

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