Canary Capers #2: And… Action!

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The Canary Capery jolly juggernaut rolls on with a bumper part 2 of my Tenerife shenanigans last year. Enjoy! 

There's been a bit going on so I'll dive right in with a little round up…

Don't Say the B-Word!

We left off last time with a little uncertainty over certain political situations being ironed out involving the UK and EU which would effect my participation in the EYE Programme. Well, as you may have heard they're no nearer sorting that little dilemma out but the bottom line is that I will be doing the programme till the end of June.

Especially if you pronounce it ’Bregzit’


After that, who knows! The most likely scenario is that I will continue as is, just without the funding. That means we can also have someone new join us from that point which will be great to add to the team.

Romanian Roamers…

Talking of fresh faces, we welcomed the arrival of Mr Alex who has joined us also through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme. Alex is a fine photographer and a cool guy to boot. He also brought along his girlfriend Oana, who whilst not working with us officially, is getting involved. Those 2 are a great couple and add a huge amount to the team.

Bussing, Boating & Triking with Pearly Grey!

My first tasks following my arrival were a few excursions and a few articles based around those escapades. Here they are:

Touring Tenerife: 5 Things I Discovered on the Road to Masca

Trike Tour: The Best Way to Buzz Around Tenerife!

Dolphins & Dips: Cruising to Los Gigantes

A cat taking it all in, in the deepest depths of Masca

There be whales and dolphins in they waters

Good fun, varied and there are far more to do too. Our main base is at the Pearly Grey and there couldn't be a much better setting for your 'workplace', especially when operating on a flexible schedule.

In addition to that, I also wrote another intro post with a slight twist (and video!) for the Canary PR blog:

Introducing Adam Barratt to Tenerife, Canary PR & the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme

Since then, one of my more in-depth posts was a few tips on writing for the web. Ah yes, be concise… preached but not always practiced?? 😉

How to Write for the Web: Top 10 Tips for Captivating Content

Going All Rocky, in More Ways Than One…

We're putting together a little promo vid for a run that James Foster (the restaurant manager at Pearly Grey) is doing for the charity Ingane Yami.

Wait for me!

You know that bit in the Rocky films where they do the montage of him working out? A bit like that. There's a part in at least one of the movies where a load of people join him on the run cheering him on. I was one of those supporters. Good job it was only a few metres up the road, although, as an aside, I've recently got out for a few runs.

Local film stars 😛

That was just the start of my acting career and fighting related movie stardom. I then took part as an extra in a scene in a local bar for a film that rising action star Farid Jamal Khan is putting together along with Matt Riley and others.

As much as I hate hanging around in bars drinking beer in the middle of the day, I agreed to get involved and had a cool bottle of Dorada for true authenticity. I then proceeded to get beaten up. Never mind…

I kind of fused Jean-Claude Van Damme with Jim Carrey

Not sure if my little bit will make the final cut but looking forward to seeing the finished product. Think action movie, Steven Seagal, Jason Statham etc on the London scene. Guy Richie, Lock Stock kind of thing.

Going Green?!

Would you trust these guys with your planet?

We have a cool and groundbreaking project that has just been launched and being worked on as we speak. It's called Canary Green and something John Beckley has had up his sleeve for a while, and now it's time to add extra impetus to the movement.

It's to showcase the great work being done in the Canary Islands in terms of sustainability, raising awareness for the world and actually taking actions towards the future rather than the common pastime of merely chatting about these things but then skipping on with the day.

I myself had a vegan, no alcohol dinner the other week. To be fair, we didn't know we couldn't get a beer until we were there… and being a buffet situation I still piled the plate up like Homer Simpson.

The infamous vegan, no alcohol meal. Worth it for John’s face…

It was the same restaurant that held the Vegan Brunch Meetup we went to a few days before. That was organised by Petra Kavsek who was a former Erasmus student with John Beckley/Canary PR and still rockin' it in Tenerife.

I did get involved but didn't pile my plate so high this time, as so beautifully caught on camera…

Adam Carrot. Getting stuck in 😉

We're all super excited to part of this project and at the forefront of real change, and we would love for you (whether in the Canaries or not) to get involved. A full announcement post will be coming soon on the Canary PR blog, so stay tuned for that!

French Filming & Further Frolics

Another piece of action I got involved with a few weeks ago was behind the camera (probably safer) when helping film some footage for the Second Home Tenerife crew.

Marilyn is quite the character!

As far as 'day in the life' type days go, this was a good'n. Starting with filming a couple of French girls at home (not what it sounds like) and culminating at the delightful Roca Negra Sunset Club, which has featured a few times in my time here - firstly as a place for an afternoon/evening drink… now I go past it on my runs!

Talking of Roca Negra - not a bad place for a cheeky gin after rockin' at the Hard Rock Hotel, which puts on regular 'children of the 80s' parties and other shenanigans.

Boys about town. Turns out the walk from the next village is further than you think at 4am

And talking of second homes - I've recently moved in to a new place right in the thick of it in Callao Salvaje, a great base for at least the next few months.

Humans or Dancers? Both!

Another new project up and running is our version of Humans of New York, initially featuring a couple of fine folk at the Pearly Grey to kick things off. I won't launch into details here as I've already written 3 similar blog posts on the project! (plus this isn't the shortest of articles as it is 😉)

Find out more here:

Getting to Know You - Pearly Grey blog

Humans of Hotels - blog

How to Effectively Personalise Your Brand to the Public - Canary PR blog

Coaching & Coffee

And finally, we were taken on a rollercoaster ride at the Hotel Suite Villa Maria  recently, when Juliane Nendel and John Beckley presented a masterclass workshop.

First half was from Juliane who is a holistic life coach and put us through our paces with Duran Duran and the wheel of life. Don't ask. The second half of the day was John delivering his classic presentation on the art and science of incorporating and maximising social media in your business and branding efforts.

There we are!

They will be doing more of these and it's certainly worth getting involved. It's not often you get both sides of this coin in the same place and time. And you need both to be able to move forward with your business (and life). One without the other doesn't quite work. Have you ever noticed that? Yep, you need to get the mind right… then the practical skills that will propel you forward.

A gathering of fine minds

Kim De Coster - who is an integral part of the Canary Green team - has recently started up coffee meetups again which are great for entrepreneurs and the like to get together informally, and chew the fat. Or have a smoothie, whatever.

They were popular in the past and we're pleased to say that they are back with a vengeance and better than ever, this one held at The Beer Trap. I myself met a couple of writers and may be joining them at future writing meetups.

That's enough to be getting on with for now. Until next time!

~ Adam

  • Images my own, courtesy of John Beckley or linked to source

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